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Craddock's Electrical Service

The “Love Thy Neighbor” Company

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For the past 30 years Craddock’s Electrical Service has been serving the community it regards as family by providing the very best residential and commercial electrical services at the very best rate throughout the state of Tennessee.

We believe in building leaders within our company who care about their community. Your career growth is part of our mission.

We provide benefits that become active once you start working with us. These benefits include (but are not limited to):
  • Vacation Time
  • Health Insurance
  • Childcare Support (this applies to certain employees; please ask for more information).

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“I say and practice this with all my employees: you do not work for me, but with me. Craddock’s Electrical Service is built on the foundation of a fun, intentional, and caring work environment. I know I succeed when my employees express joy in their faces and grow in their work and as a person. My heart is fully dedicated to building a connection that holds each other accountable, and my employees are given certain opportunities, like childcare support, that will help alleviate some stress or issues they may have. These opportunities are offered because I care for each of my employees immensely and believe in mutual investment between both parties. We are a proud family-owned company, and if you want a work environment that lives by what we share daily, feel free to open that connection by filling out the form below!”

– Gary Craddock Sr, Owner

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“Yo digo e implemento esto con todos mis empleados: tú no trabajas para mí, sino que tú trabajas conmigo.” Craddock’s Electrical Service está hecho de una fundación intencional, divertida y atento ambiente laboral. Yo sé que lo he logrado cuando mis empleados expresan alegría en sus rostros y crecen en su trabajo al igual que como personas. Mi corazón está totalmente dedicado a crear una conexión que se responsabilice mutuamente, y a mis empleados se les ofrecen ciertas oportunidades, como el apoyo para el cuidado de los niños, que eso va a ayudar a aliviar el estrés o los problemas que pueden tener. Estas oportunidades se ofrecen porque me preocupo enormemente por cada uno de mis empleados, y creo en la inversión mutua entre ambas partes. ¡Somos una empresa familiar, muy orgullosa, y si deseas un ambiente laboral que viva de acuerdo con lo que compartimos a diario, por favor no dude en llenar el formulario de abajo!

– Gary Craddock Sr, Fundador



Gary Craddock Sr, Owner

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