Why Use a Licensed Electrician?

Why Use a Licensed Electrician

Everyone knows someone who can change an outlet.  Why not just ‘call a friend or some guy with a little experience?  Why use a licensed electrician in Madison, TN such as Craddock Electrical?

The benefits of a hiring a licensed electrician are important in so many ways!

Did you know that electrical work not done right, because a licensed electrician was not used, can result in insurance claims not being paid? Even more importantly, work done outside the scope of a licensed electrical professional can actually be against the law in some states. You should always ask to see the license and make sure it is current.

Electrical licensing involves the recipient passing a thorough examination and testing full knowledge of electrical components and applications and procedures. The exam covers the National Electrical code guidelines, a set of standards for equipment operation, use of tools, and installing wiring. To obtain a license also requires working as an apprentice for as long as 6 years.

At Craddock, all our electricians are field tested and licensed and have years of experience. We know how to do the job right. Ad because we are licensed you have peace of mind that we comply with all local laws and code regulations.

Licensing also ensures that work is being done that is to a specific quality, that permits are being secured, and in the case of an insurance related work, the insurance company is more likely to settle the claim.

Finally, Craddock licensed electricians ensure that all safety guidelines are followed. Your electrical project is too important not to place your trust in a company that lives by making certain the results you need are done with the utmost professional care. That’s Craddock Electrical!