Safety First and Foremost!

Safety First—and Foremost!

Craddock Electrical has been providing safe and efficient electrical services for years. If you need electrical repairs or installations. Save instantly on your next home project: Simply mention this article for a special discount. “We treat you like family”.

Finding an electrician you can trust is easy when you call us. Our technicians are experienced and trained in providing the most reliable and safe electrical repairs and installations.

Why Choose Us?

Electrical work should never be attempted by an amateur. Between the dangers of electrocution and the risk of starting a fire, electrical work should always be carried out by a professional. Craddock electricians work according to all saf

ety and building codes while ensuring your components are working efficiently.

No one expects an electrical emergency. But when an electrical emergency happens, you may find yourself and your family cold, in the dark, or vacating your home. When you have an electrical emergency within your home, you need an experienced, capable and dedicated electrician.

24-hour emergency service: An emergency can strike at any moment. Most often, these types of situations require immediate action to reduce damage, protect your family and lower the cost of the repair. When home appliances, HVAC systems, or lighting stops working it may actually be a problem with your electrical supply. Repairs to supply boxes, circuit breakers, wiring & cabling, and receptacles are common types of electrical repairs needed to restore proper function.

Contact Craddock Electrical today to get the professional service you need, including 24/7 emergency repairs. We appreciate your time and thank you for looking us over!