Hitting Rock Band Electrical Bottom

For months Karen’s son Matt had been asking for the new and improved top of the line electric Fender. He usually goes through short phases and changes his mind about what hobby to pursue quite quickly. However, since it had been over half a year they broke down and bought Matt the impressive instrument for Christmas. Karen was thrilled when Matt learned the basic notes and chords within a week of unwrapping the shiny, metallic guitar. However, what she and her husband did not know, or expect was that three of Matt’s closest buds also asked for top of the line rock instruments.

Matt had been stealthily working on a plan to start a band out of Karen’s basement for months, and now that he and his friends had the electric guitar, the electric keyboard, a nice loud drum set, and of course the high voltage amp they were more than ready to begin practicing. Karen had always loved Matt’s best friends and had no problem with them coming to the house after school to hangout. However, everything changed when causal skate boarding sessions turned into band practice three nights a week. Matt even bought him self an extension cord with multiple outlets to allow for all the necessary band equipment to be hooked up simultaneously.

But, as boys will do they overlooked one minor detail, the extreme amounts of electricity being used during these hardcore rehearsals. Although Karen was grateful for a few moments of silence for her head to recover, when she opened her eyes to see the house in complete and utter darkness she knew something had gone wrong. She hurried into the living room waking her husband who hadn’t stirred a bit from his evening power nap and handed him the heavy-duty flashlight. He blinked looking awfully confused as she pointed towards the stairs where the breaker box sat at the bottom.

After about half an hour of flipping every switch up and back down Karen began to worry that she had a bigger problem than a few blown fuses on her hands. Matt came barreling into the kitchen rambling on and on about sparks in the basement. Karen grabbed another flashlight and ran towards the basement where she followed the cords from her son’s guitar to the wall where the large, black smudge on the wall revealed fried wires. The spark was coming from the second fridge that also ran through to the laundry room.

The color began to drain from Karen’s face. This was no easy fix. Last night the temperatures dropped to a bitter low of 12 degrees, and it was only expected to get colder this week. Even with no heat in the house the frozen food stored in their sub zero freezer would soon spoil, and the wet clothes in the washer would be stiff and smelly by morning.

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