Don’t Get Con-Fused When You Need an Electrician

Don’t get CON-‘FUSED’…when you need an electrician!

Craddock Electrical are the honest and experienced electricians ready to handle your electrical project! Certified electricians ready to work hard for you. Equipped with a team of expert professionals that place value in quality over quantity to serve you better.

At Craddock, we treat you like family: Customers make the business viable and we as certified electricians stand behind our work.  Striving to achieve the highest quality in every project we do! We are focused on everything electrical serving residential homes and commercial electrical needs across and surrounding the Nashville Metro.

Often when Craddock professionals come to the worksite they also take time to evaluate and probe for any potential problems. Electrical troubleshooting problems for residential and commercial customers, electrical re-wires, flat fee electrical troubleshooting are main priorities. Everything electrical in serving residential homes and commercial electrical needs is where Craddock expertise is put to work!

Emphasis is placed on tackling each job, small or large, with enthusiasm, expertise, integrity and your final goal in mind. The Craddock goal is to create a client relationship built by trust. This is be done by exceeding client expectations and meeting set targets.

Special emergencies? Fire, no power in house, no power in business, etc. No problem—Craddock Electrical is there to accommodate emergencies just for you.

Want to save money? Mention this article for a special discount. Contact Craddock Electrical today to get the professional service you need, including 24/7 emergency repairs. We appreciate your time and thank you for looking us over!