Customer Testimonial: Craddocks Makes the Impossible Possible Wiring a Camper to a Home

Ron Hall, owner of Lemur Technology LLC and web manager for Nashville Universe.

From customer Ron Hall, owner of Lemur Technology LLC, a website / online marketing company, discussing how Craddocks Electrical Service did what seemed impossible in less than 24 hours.

“I was recently in a situation where I was given two days notice that the home I was moving into wasn’t ready for move-in.  I had nowhere to go with myself and my pets. With little notice and little hope, I managed to secure a very old camper and located it to the front yard of the new property.

I proceeded to let Craddocks Electrical Service of Madison know that I was in a bind, without a home to move into, and wanted to see if they could wire up the camper’s air conditioner to the breaker in one of the structures on the new property. It would be similar to a hook up at the RV park however it would need to be reliable, survive rain, and not shut off due to overheating or a circuit problem. Nashville was having one of it’s heat waves and I had to keep it climate controlled for my pets.

An old camper like the one I secured. Craddocks wired it up to a breaker box safely and reliably at my new-but-not-complete-home.

Within less than 24 hours of reviewing my situation, Craddocks Electrical Service had two electricians on the property. They beat the camper there. They managed to figure out what needed to be done to the breaker within the secondary structure, what kind of line and length to run to the camper, and once the camper arrived, what to do to the camper to power up the air conditioner reliably. It’s a bit more complicated than the hookup at an RV park.

It’s one thing to do a conversion to park at an RV park, it’s yet another to wire up a camper to a home during a heatwave for air conditioning. I might even consider it impossible to do reliably. It’s run the air conditioning for 4 weeks, reliably and safely. It’s also powered a refrigerator holding critical cold water bottles. They also advised me when I had to move the camper to more level ground a week later. Their support didn’t end when they left.

Craddocks Electrical Service had the compassion, willingness, and ingenuity to do the impossible in a pinch. I am impressed by their work and would recommend them to anyone as the finest electricians I ever met. To me, they will always be the people that saved my pets and did what seemed impossible – kept the camper’s AC running through a heatwave and consistently for 4 weeks!