Craddock Electric’s Critical Repairs

It was a cold, dreary, January Monday like so many in the heart of Tennessee’s winter. Karen had been up since four a.m. for her workout. By six she’d sent the kids off too school, and made her husband a nice, healthy breakfast before his major sales meeting that day. When she finally made it to work, 30 minutes late, the coffee was the cold, the printer was low on ink, and her boss’ bad mood was one for the books. Karen was fighting to keep her eyes open by 4:00. When she finally left to head home around five, the thunder was rumbling in and the rain was so heavy that she could barely see the stand still headlights in front of her. She thought she could take a deep breath when she finally pulled safely into her dry garage. The kids were down at the neighbors, and she just wanted a few minutes of quite before calling them home for the evening.

Karen walked into her bedroom more than ready to shed her starchy, skirt suit and slide into her comfy sweatpants and favorite Volunteer hoodie. But when she flipped the switch for the bedroom there was a moment of light and then all went dark. Hmm, it seemed a little strange, but Karen assumed the light bulb had just gone out. Cursing this inconvenient annoyance she dragged the ladder from the garage into the bedroom, and climbed up the rickety steps to the ceiling fan.

A few minutes later Karen stepped down from the ladder. Now with a pounding headache, which was quickly worsening at the thought that dinner hadn’t even been started yet. She walked over to the wall waiting for light to spill over the room…nothing. Then the irritation really set in. Just to be sure, she tightened the bulb and flipped the switch a few more times. Nope. Nothing. Twenty minutes, two bulbs, and a few curse words later the hard truth set in. This small nuisance just went from a quick fix to a job for the electrician.

Although, she was annoyed Karen wasn’t’ worried. She’d been using Craddock Electric for close to ten years now for anything from garage door malfunctions to lighting restoration Craddock Electric’s services have always been professional and punctual.

Craddock Electric will rush out to repair even the tiniest nuisance. Don’t hassle with trying to figure out the meticulous details of your electricity.