Safety First and Foremost!

Safety First—and Foremost! Craddock Electrical has been providing safe and efficient electrical services for years. If you need electrical repairs or installations. Save instantly on your next home project: Simply mention this article for a special discount. “We treat you like family”. Finding an electrician you can trust is easy when you call us. Our […]

Making the Complex Simple

Making the complex simple At Craddock Electrical we understand that every home and commercial facility is powered by a complex electrical system comprised of wires, fixtures, circuits, outlets, and more. As a home or business owner, you know how difficult it is to maintain your electrical system while tending to the needs of your family […]

How Lighting Can Increase a Home’s Value

How Lighting can Increase a Home’s Value! At Craddock Electrical we know something many people often don’t even realize: The overall value of any property can be increased with quality lighting. Make certain lighting is installed correctly and that you or the next owner of the property won’t run into electrical problems in the future. […]