Your Dream Home Deserves Craddock’s!

After years of renting and living in previously owned homes, you and your family have decided to build your dream home in the Nashville area. No more compromising on what you and your loved ones need and want in a living situation. You’ve set aside the funds and resources to create exactly what you have in mind, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than that.

It’s a process, you’ve put so much time into the layout, and you’re getting down to the details. Of all the services that you’re going to need, electrical is the most crucial. There’s so much to be done! Bath exhaust, ceiling fans, display lighting, heating and air conditioning, smoke detectors, outlets, breakers, cable…Plus, you’re even considering that hot tub that you have always wanted!

You need someone reliable, affordable, and trustworthy to handle all your electrical needs. With over 25 years of experience, all of Craddock Electrical Service’s electricians have acquired years on on-the-job experience on top of their certification. After all the time and money you’re putting into your dream home, you and your family deserve the best of the best.

Craddock’s Electrical cares about their customers, and it is of great importance to their company that they make that known. On top of providing top of the line service for your needs, they also want to buy dinner for your family. With a paid invoice of over $500, you will receive a 6-foot sub sandwich! Also, they support the local ROTC in the community high schools, and military and senior discounts are available.

Stop worrying about your electrical needs, and put it in the hands of the most reliable company around!