When You Want To Cut Costs, Start With Craddock Electrical

When You Want To Cut Costs, Start With Craddock Electrical. Here are some money saving tips from the company that treats you like family:

Every homeowner wants to save money. Owning a home is expensive, and the more ways you can find to reduce your monthly bills, the better off you’ll be. One great way is by examining the electrical systems and components in your home.

If your home is a little on the older side, chances are it could use some technological and electrical upgrades. By making upgrades to your electrical system, you can save money each month.

Install Money-Saving Electrical Fixtures

  • Heating and cooling your home accounts for almost half of your electricity costs. For a small investment, a programmable thermostat that adjusts your home’s temperature while you’re asleep — or at work– could save you up to 20% on average over a year’s heating and cooling. Some premium models can be controlled via smartphone or can automatically activate your HVAC system when you’re driving home from work.
  • Easily reduce energy consumption in your home by switching from incandescent light fixtures or bulbs to fluorescent or LED.
  • Wall-outlet timers can switch off televisions, computers, lamps, radios and other energy hogs. They’re not costly and they work well if someone in your home tends to leaves the lights on in every room.
  • Motion-detector switches can help you save money on outdoor lighting while providing cost-effective security to your home.
  • Craddock Electrical outfits our servicers with well-stocked service vehicles that can lower hourly rates compared to other companies. Hiring well equipped and highly skilled electricians always saves you money when considering the lasting quality and the company which stands behind its work.

Be Prepared Before the Electrician Arrives

  • Make the area near the breaker box is accessible and that the area to be serviced is clear of any clutter so the electrician can get to work right away. Move furniture, breakable items and pets from areas where the electrician needs to work.
  • If an electrician needs access to a crawl space, make sure that too is open and gives easy access. These will save us installation time and you money.

Our Electricians Are Trained Professionals

Craddock Electricians are trained, licensed, and bonded. They’ve been apprentices, made countless repairs, and seen problems similar to yours. The electrical field is always changing, requiring new knowledge and skills — and professionals keep up.

At Craddock we’re always re-educating, gaining new abilities, and learning new techniques. We put in the time to learn, and that’s what people are paying for–finding the best, safest, and most affordable way to complete your project.

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