Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires

At Craddock Electrical, we want to keep your home or small business safe in all things electric. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five common causes of in-home and at work electrical fires. While some fire prevention needs an electrician, in these instances, a la Smokey the Bear: “Only you can prevent electrical fires.”

Common user causes of Electrical Fires.

1. Faulty electrical outlets and appliances. We know, smartphones and computers, you use them all the time. And it doesn’t take long for the cord on your device to fray! However, using a frayed cord, running cords under carpeting, or removing a prong from your plug (i.e. making a three prong cord two prong) are all huge causes of electrical fires.

2. Increased bulb wattage. Having a light bulb with a wattage that is too high for your lighting fixtures can lead to fires. Also, sometimes people (especially in-home) will put different materials over lampshades to diffuse light. But doing so greatly increases the risk of an electrical fire.

3. Permanent extension. Extension cords are temporary. If you’re using an extension cord for an appliance that is never unplugged, it greatly increases the risk of electrical fire.

4. Space heaters. Leaving a coiled space heater to close to combustible materials can lead to electrical fires.

Here’s where Craddock Electrical Services Inc. comes in.

5. Outdated Wiring. If your home is over twenty years old, chances are it does not have the wiring capability to handle the electrical appliances of the modern home. When circuits get overloaded by too much electricity, an outdated breaker box with worn out systems can get overwhelmed and start a fire.

If you’re in need of rewiring, breaker box replacement, outlet replacement, light switch replacement, in home wiring and exterior lighting and wiring, and are in the greater Nashville area, Craddock Electrical Services Inc. is the electrician for you. With years of experience as a licensed electrician, Craddock Electrical Service Inc. prides itself on speedy, thorough and honest service.