Outdoor Lighting Installation Tips

Spring is in full swing and you’re finally doing that outdoor landscaping and remodeling you’ve had in mind since last fall. Your wife and kids wanted a pool for the back yard, you wanted a deck and a grill, as well as some new foliage to make the fence less obtrusive. A good Christmas bonus and a frugal winter and you’re ready to start making those outdoor dreams a reality. But don’t get left in the dark when the sun goes down!

Craddock Electrical of Hendersonville, TN compiled this list of tips for outdoor lighting installations:

1. Pick the lights that best serve your yard. Whether you need lighting for utility or purely aesthetic reasons, choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight or illuminate your landscaping, deck, or patio can make all the difference in having a pleasurable nighttime experience in your yard. While we recommend spotlights for highlighting features such as trees and shrubs, floodlights can illuminate a wide area and make night time play in your yard safer for kids.

2. Choose your power source. Most outdoor lights are powered by solar power or low voltage outdoor power and can be turned on by plugging into any outdoor outlet.

3. Place the lights.
a. Check and make sure there aren’t any underground utilities where you plan on digging to install your lights.
b. Assemble the lights.
c. Lay the lights in their positions.
d. Lay the cable.

4. Install the lights.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type and are looking for outdoor landscape lighting, contact Craddock Electrical today! Located in Madison, TN – we provide homes with landscape lighting, security lighting, eave lighting, and site lighting. Inside, we do electrical appliance outlets, GFI outlets, general use outlets, electrical switches and electrical dimmers as well as chandeliers, recessed fixtures, scones, ceiling fixtures, display lighting and a number of other services.