Flickering lights…

Do you ever wonder what it means when one or more of your house lights flicker on and off? Could it mean poor wiring? More than likely this means that there is a poor connection somewhere and it could become a fire hazard. Figuring out where that problem is can be very difficult. A professional electrician such as Craddock Electrical of Nashville Tennessee is the best call. They have both the knowledge as well as the tools to figure out the problem and fix it so that your home is safe.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems with Light Bulbs and Fixtures.
1. Problem: flickering/blinking lights.
Reason: The circuit has a bad connection somewhere. The main wire connection could be having trouble if the blinking happens throughout the home.
2. Problem: A recessed light will work and then all of a sudden won’t.
Reason: This is more than likely the safety cutout working to keep the light bulb from over heating.
3. Problem: Some lights run dim and others are extra bright.
Reason: This would be a bad Main Neutral connection or a bad neutral that 2 circuits are sharing.

As one can see, there are a number of problems that can occur and it makes it especially difficult since most of your wiring is hidden behind your house’s walls. Good electricians can access the situation without having to rip up your home.

Craddock Electrical, located just outside of Nashville Tennessee in Hendersonville Tn., has the experience and knowledge to help you with all of your electrical needs.