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Conducting an Electrical Audit

Conducting an Electrical Audit Most consumers never really consider the importance of how electrical usage impacts their budget and in many cases, their appliances. At Craddock Electrical we know that many homes are in need of upgrades and other important services. Many homeowners will have a fairly limited understanding of the ways that their house […]

When ( and Why) You Should Consult a Certified Electrician

There are certain symptoms that may actually point to serious electrical problems and Craddock Electrical wants you to be aware of them. Electrical surges can be caused by anything from lightning strikes, damage to power lines, faulty appliances and bad electrical wiring in the house. While an actual surge only lasts a split second, the […]

When Electrical Problems May Be More Than Annoying

If you encounter power problems such a circuit breakers tripping often, Craddock electrical can help with some tips – and repairs if the tips don’t solve the problems. Tripping the breaker Items like microwaves and hairdryers use very high wattage and can trip circuit breakers, especially if other high power items are used on the […]