Can Your Business Save Money with Craddock Electrical?


We at Craddock Electrical focus on how your business can save energy (and money).

Investing in the services of Craddock Electrical can bring you a great return on investment in the following ways:

If you are a property owner, Craddock Electrical can come in and check your electrical wiring and systems to help prevent losses due to fire.  Efficient electric can also cut down on energy costs over the long term.

If you are a commercial landlord (mall, shopping center, strip plaza, residential rental properties, etc) having Craddock electrical check your wiring and systems can cut down on tenant service calls. Tenant service calls can reduce your profit margin on rentals and cost you money. With Craddock Electrical, you can  make your rentals much more profitable by having Craddocks service any small problems you have before they become large problems.

If you are a residential landlord, you probably require your tenants to have renters insurance. If there’s a fire, renters insurance may be the first step towards relocating the tenant. But if they elect not to carry it or let it lapse, you may end up needing to relocate the tenant temporarily. Many fires can be prevented. Having Craddock Electrical maintain the electric at your rental properties can help keep costs down especially if there is a fire.

Through efficient use of electrical application, maintenance, and power back up our clients can experience real savings. Here are a few ways our experts can help your business:

  1. Getting it right from the start: With Craddock Electrical, you’ll be confident that the wiring and electrical infrastructure are installed properly. That means such needed benefits like faster internet connectivity that helps with:
  • Reducing data transfer rates
  • Faster download times and
  • Overall higher office productivity
  • High bandwidth capabilities
  • Videoconferencing
  • Other types of advanced communication systems


  1. Energy efficiency allows for maximum output and minimal waste of power. When power is not wasted, your business benefits from the reduction of overall electrical consumption resulting in heat generation. Craddock Electricals’ energy efficient wiring, components and lighting (including LED lighting), you will use less power while cutting the amount electricity needed to cool office environments, affording you even more savings.


  1. Craddock Electrical can set up regular inspection and maintenance of your wiring. With proper electrical maintenance, electrical issues can be detected before they cause damage, down-time or injury. As a result, you can budget for items that need to be replaced immediately and plan for future electrical improvements.


  1. Some of our clients find the benefit in having a back-up power supply to keep the business running and online during a power outage or interruption. Having reserve power provides both security and safety for your employees and customers.  Reserve power systems are designed and sized to the exact needs of your business and can include back- up generators and/or batteries. Craddock Electrical can advise on power redundancy and ensure that your battery or generator is installed correctly and receives regular maintenance.


  1. Craddock Electrical understands that proper lighting is essential for a productive and safe work environment. Let us update lighting fixtures and ensure their most beneficial placement so that your employees are able to produce the best work possible.



  1. Craddock Electrical prides itself in being in the forefront of electrical code compliance and safety. Because we treat you like family, occupational hazards for your employers are minimized as are chances of fines due to any safety compliance issues.

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